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Hair Loss & UC
4 min read

Ulcerative Colitis and Hair Loss

Oct 26, 2022 - Evinature

Hair loss in IBD patients is quite common, with one-third of patients reporting some kind of hair loss. Although this isn’t a dangerous medical condition, hair has an important role in our social interactions, and sudden hair loss can negatively impact quality of life, confidence, and the way we express our identity.  Depending on the […]

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3 min read

Stress: Understanding What We All Feel

Sep 20, 2022 - Nir Salomon

For the past 15 years of treating IBD and IBS patients, probably the most frequently asked question is “How did I get this?” Interestingly enough, this question is usually followed up with a full answer from the patient which involves their detailed diet, exercise regime, medication, and even genetics – yet none of these seem […]

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