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CurQD® was developed in Sheba Medical Center (SMC), one of Newsweek’s best 10 hospitals in the world.  

The protocol evolved from the clinical experience and placebo-controlled trials led by Nir Salomon, Director of the Integrative Gastroenterology unit at SMC, and Professor Shomron Ben-Horin MD, Chief of the Gastroenterology Department & Director of the Gastro-Immunology Research Laboratory Department of Gastroenterology SMC.

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What our members are saying:

CurQD® changed EVERYTHING for me. My symptoms started going away within about 6 weeks. My life literally did a 180. I honestly couldn’t be happier with how this product has worked for me.


It’s been amazing. My bleeding totally stopped, my cramping. It really works.


This was too good to be true. Such a lifesaver. So glad I found this. I started it on a Monday, and by Friday my symptoms already started to disappear. I was almost good as new.


My quality of life, having Colitis, has just dramatically improved. This is something that has changed my life. I just have so much more confidence in my body and myself, and I feel so much better.


It has been unbelievably helpful. Within 4 day, scary symptoms gone. Within a week, I was feeling energized. I was feeling more like myself than I had in three years. There’s nothing like it.


I’ve done the typical regimen over the past 19 and a half years of having Crohn’s disease and nothing has worked quite like this supplement. I’m definitely getting my quality of life back.


I am completely blown away by my results! Evinature helped improved my quality of life. I am forever grateful and astonished at my results!


I was completely shocked. I got dramatically better.


Exceeded all my expectations. I went back to eating regularly, I could function again, and I went back to living fully.


I was very hesitant but to my utmost surprise, it helped really quickly.


Thanks!!!!!!!!!! It acted like “magic”. I feel excellent. And I have no side effects.


As of January 2022, I am living again like an ordinary person. I returned to function normally, and returned to the mother my children had known.


It was like magic. I couldn’t actually believe it.


After a few days there was a significant improvement and I returned to my normal life. You’re the best!


It allowed me to return to my normal activities. I gained weight, was more productive with my job. I really recommend it, it’s really helpful.


​I’m once again well and functioning! My life is in no way limited.


A few days afterwards I actually felt better. I can now function, whereas I couldn’t really function before.


After a month and a week, I started to feel a very significant change! It’s a real miracle!


After one month I felt better.


The general feeling improved and my body became stronger.


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