Apan Amos Damri

Apan Amos Damri

Co-founder & CEO of Evinature. Serial entrepreneur. Founder of Operad, co-founder of Israel Portugal Center, iCommerce & Infogamy. Marketing expert, entrepreneur & citizen of the world.

Twenty years ago, Apan returned from an extensive backpacking trip in Australia to join the first e-commerce platform in Israel. After a year of programming in an office, he packed his bags and embarked on an eight-year journey around the globe. A pioneering digital nomad, Apan traveled while developing websites and marketing campaigns. He became an expert in SEO, and marketing, all the while working on community projects around the world.

Thirteen years ago, Apan founded Operad, one of the leading marketing agencies in Israel, servicing international companies such as Taboola, Wix, and Western Digital. He would go on to co-found Israel Portugal Center, iCommerce, and Infogamy, making a name for himself as a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert.

Over the following years, Apan began seeking a project with the potential to positively impact the world, one that would truly help people. When he discovered the research of Nir Salomon and Shomron Ben-Horin on herbal remedies, he knew he’d found something pure. The project aligned with his core values, as well as a lifelong interest in traditional medicine.

Together, the three founded Evinature in 2021 with the aim to integrate modern medical practice with herbal remedies that have been used for thousands of years, providing people around the world with safe, effective and affordable medicine.

Apan now lives in pastoral Aviel with his partner and daughter, two beautiful dogs, and a cat. He loves playing guitar in his self-built music studio and still gets out to surf in his free time.

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