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Our bodies work best with a good night’s sleep and regulated stress hormones. But sometimes we need a helping hand. Herbal compounds and adaptogens are a safe, non-toxic way to help your body regain balance naturally.



We’ve conducted extensive research, and base our strategies on data gathered from multiple patients in our clinics and labs. We’re constantly refining our research with vital information from our users and customers on their pre-existing conditions, gut symptoms and test improvements.

The reason many supplements fail is a lack of vital information, both on the side of patients and the side of providers. Providers require the history, specifics and state of your condition in order to recommend the most efficient recovery strategy. This data helps us provide the correct stragedy for you.

There’s no need to retake the assessment unless we send you a request for an update so we can adjust your strategy according to your response over time.

Our own founders, clinical expert Professor Shomron Ben-Horin M.D., Chief of Gastroenterology Department at Sheba Medical Center, and Nir Salomon, Integrative Specialist & Director of the Integrative Gastroenterology Unit at Sheba Medical Center.

It’s our duty to ensure you receive the most precise remedies for your age, sex and state of condition. We customize every single plan to your individual needs–all based on hard evidence from our clinical research that is compiled against the data of other patients in your situation.

4 weeks from your initial purchase, we’ll ask a few questions to assess your progress and how you’re responding to treatment. Patient Reports help us help you, and your answers will contribute to ongoing research so we can provide more people with more precise, effective strategy. Evinature is a community effort, with each patient contributing to and refining the research.

Most platforms will recommend a treatment and leave it at that. We’re not most platforms. Regular check-ins are crucial to your recovery, so we stick by your side throughout your entire journey. By tracking your response, we’re able to adjust and fine-tune your strategy month-to-month according to your progress.

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